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10 people i’d like to meet


Hey, I just choose the 10 people I would like to meet a live and dead.It was hard choosing just 10 people I would want to meet.

1. Justin Bieber -“What is it like to perform on stage in front of  a thousand people?”

2. Kellie Pickler – “Do you get scared before you perform in front of a lot of ppeople?”

3. Obama – “Is it fun being president of the USA?”

4. Michael Jordan – “How many dunks have you made in your life?”

5. Zendaya – “Is it fun to dance on shake it up?”

6.Oprah – “Why did you stop your show mom loved that show and I like to watch it?”

7.One Direction – “What is it like to travel all over the world?”

8.Elvis Presley – “Did you always want to sing and be the King of Rock in Roll? ”

9.The Wright Brothers – “Was it fun flying the first plane ever?”

10.Sam Walton – “Where was the first Walmart?”

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